Hi, there! I’m a digital illustrator, concept artist and painter living in Florida.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design. I specialize in creating characters, environments, and stories, and am always looking for new angles and ideas to enhance my art.

To be a very good artist, you have to be open-minded and well-rounded. I explore as much as I can. I don’t limit myself to just digital art or just traditional painting. What I learn from one contributes to the other.

I ask my clients what they envision, and listen carefully to what they say. I try to get a complete understanding of what they want, and see what inspirations come out of that. I always give clients my best work. I create what they ask for, but if I see a way to make something better, I don’t hesitate to suggest an improvement or enhancement. It’s a collaboration.

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